DOSS Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers Review

You are looking for a portable wireless speaker. There are lots of speakers in the market. You can choose anyone from the lists. The problem lies choosing the best one. The best speaker can put up with the continuous use and provides great sound. The best one will impress the users most. It is designed with lots of features. The sound must be good. Right?

DOSS Portable Waterproof IPX6 Bluetooth Speaker

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We have examined lots of speakers in the market. Finally, we have discovered one which fulfills all the requirements of the best speaker. Now we like to share our views and ideas with you.

The name we like to utter is the DOSS soundBox Touch. This is a portable speaker with having Bluetooth connectivity and some other neat features.

You have to notice it very closely to see well if the speaker really fulfills the demands real or not. We have to consider the sound, quality, durability, battery life and other features. Now start it to know all these things.


  • Capacitive Touch Control: You can easily control the energy and mood of any festivity with the help of your fingertip. Besides you can change the tracks playing, volume and further of the Doss touch portable speaker.
  • Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker: With an impressive volume get pleasure from a high definition stereo sound though you are in a house, party, biking camping, hiking, and walking out.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Technology: The speaker is designed with advanced technology and well-suited with every Bluetooth devices. Speaker may automatically adjust with the last machine used.
  • Superior Sound Quality: Listen to great music with the help of 12W full-bodied stereo understands by dual high presentation drivers and a sole improved bass.
  • Long Playtime: The li-Ion 2200 mAh rechargeable battery ensures 12 hours playtime up to 75% volume. By the help of added USB cable, you can charge it from three to four hours. Keep in mind that the battery is completely manufactured, designed and sold only by the DOSS.


  • Price friendly
  • Wonderful and extensive battery life
  • Loud enough
  • Impressive quality of the sound
  • Long duration battery


  • Weak voice timely
  • Bass generated is not nice
  • Lots of reviews that it is not companionable with echo devices

First Look

As soon as you open the box for the first time, you will be much impressed by the appearance and get up of the SoundBox Touch. This is the most compact speaker you have ever seen. The measurement of the speaker is 6.6 x 2.9 x 2.7 inches.

When you take it in your hand, it feels very solid. You will get a micro USB charging cable, a 3.5 mm aux cable and male to the male audio adapter with the speaker.

Besides, you will get a durable storage bag where you can keep the Box for a long time if you do not use it.

The good stuff about DOSS Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers

As the DOSS Bluetooth Wireless V4.0 speaker is fully under your budget category, you will get pretty quality sound from it. Its performance, shelf life, and overall experience are excellent.

The performance of a 12W speaker is surprisingly satisfying. Now see some of the key highlights of the speaker.

The good stuff about DOSS Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Intuitive Touch Panel: The touch control of the speaker is a fine addition. The offers are more appealing to the young generation. You can easily access it. Suppose you may turn the speaker off or on by tapping the respective button on the top side.

Slide your finger and you may decrease or increase the volume of the speaker in clockwise or anti-clockwise motion.

Latest Bluetooth Version: Gratitude to V 4.0 Bluetooth pairing standard. DOSS Soundbox speaker is companionable with any of the mobile phones or portable tablets and so on. You will get limited features when you connect this speaker with an old handset.

When you connect the speaker with iPhone 7 Plus owner, you will get the pairing process independently. It has dedicated volume control which doesn’t affect the native volume setting of the mobile phone.

Loud Volume: The sound of the DOSS speaker may not bloat out or break through it reaches its maximum level. The sound is perceptible as well as pleasant. It depends on the source of the audio. FLAC audio extension files give excellent results through the volume setting is very high.

Good Bass: Bass is another important aspect of the portable Bluetooth speaker. The low and mid-low tones sound are soothing enough. Attempt Leonard Cohen’s Avalanche. You are Gonna like it.


Though the DOSS SoundBox Touch is a wireless speaker, one can use it wired by using the added auxiliary cables. As you are an updated man, you would like to take the advantage of Bluetooth capabilities.

You have to make a pair with Bluetooth like the smartphone or tablet of the modern time. After completing the pairing process, be sure that the tablets and smartphone have Bluetooth enabled and turned on. Then press and grip the play button.

The ring to the top starts to blink different colors. Now you will get the DOSS SoundBox is added to the Bluetooth connections. Choose your desire songs and move ahead. You have to finish this system 1 time per device.


The critical and mentionable feature of the speaker is sound. You can get most audio quality with the DOSS SoundBox Touch. The price of the system remains within your budget.

The sound of the speaker is really good. It is better than what you desire to get. The sound you get is not studio quality or audiophile grade.  This is something special for what it really is.

Sound of DOSS Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers

We have tested different speakers many times. Finally, we find that the performance of the speaker is better than the other speakers. All kinds of music have a clear tone. Its sound quality is excellent.

We find the speaker has very nice thump though it is not adjustable. Truly the speaker is made solid and there is no possibility of distortion when the volume is near to the limit.

Another thing is that the Doss speaker is very loud. We found the power of the speaker is more according to its size. There is six-watt driver inside the speaker that does its function well.

The manufacturer of DOSS doesn’t attempt more to add little power. 6-watt power is not enough but the performance of the speaker is excellent.

Audio is a bit delicate to covey, particularly over text. But we can say that the sound performance easily adjusts with the speakers.


So far so we DOSS SoundBox Touch is the number one outdoor speaker on Amazon. Therefore the durability of this speaker must be clarified well. We think every outdoor speaker is at least water resistant.

The Doss is a bit deceptive in the sense that it is not rated for any amount of water resistance. Therefore we do not suggest using it anywhere where there is the possibility of splashing or water. We don’t like to classify the BOSS is the rugged speaker. You can surely use the speaker for outdoor.

Durability of DOSS Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers

However, we have said earlier that the overall building quality is very great. It is made well and very solid. So far we did not get any loose buttons or rattly or finicky part which is an important issue.

We have got only one quirk that the top panel is easily scratched. It is somewhat glittery and slicker than the external part of the body.

Battery life

The battery life of the Bluetooth speaker is more than another same type of speaker. The battery of the speaker is durable and long-lasting. Now people like to get the pump up the volume. This speaker ensures such kind of sound.

The duration of the life of the battery is up to 12 hours. Therefore you can pass the whole night with this battery. If you drain the battery, you should recharge it quickly.

The whole procedure is very simple. Thanks to the micro USB charger which is possible to do by the single slick four hours timeframe.


We think DOSS SoundBox Bluetooth speaker is eligible for score 4. If the touch panel is right forever time, we like to give more credit for the instinctive calculation of touch panel technology.

Though your budget is limited, you can buy this speaker without any hesitation. The proverb all is well that ends well is true in this regard.

Debbie L. Rush

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