Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System Reviews – Is It Awesome?

Bose Solo is a 7cm tall and 55cm long sound system. This is made for the people who have limited space. It seems that the device is used only for them.

This Bose solo is the most compact sound bars we have ever seen. It is nice for the people who have low profile enough to slip beneath the main TV. They are looking for the boost the sound of bedroom TV perhaps.

Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System

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The size is the challenge for it. All good stuff comes in a little package. The Bose solo is a wonderful speaker though it has few shortcomings.


  • Dialogue mode makes every word clear to the audience
  • Bluetooth connectivity for wirelessly stream much out of any device
  • Only one bar ensures quality sound compared to your TV. It is a very easy solution. The solo is made with upgraded technologies to deliver clear audio sound.
  • The universal remote controlling method having bass, TV and Bluetooth connection and something more
  • Speaker size is 2.6 H x 21.6 W x 3.4 D (3.73 lbs), Remote control:4.1 H x 1.6 W x 0.4 D (5 oz)
  • 1 connection with TV. Optical audio input. 3.5 mm aux input, coaxial audio input.


  • The solo works great with the TV show
  • Rigid construction
  • Nice sound for the complete level with the price


  • Power to the elaborate system next time
  • Exhibit on the sound bar
  • Without loop support, it can’t stand.


The solo 5 is a nice thing with a wonderful design. The purpose of the solo is to set it on your TV without any fuss.

It has no switches or buttons to complicate the thing. A plain black grille on the front side and a black plastic to the top and sides make it very light. Overall it is well built.


Behind the grille, there are 2 drivers who may take a seat to the center of the unit. It is angled out a little bit to ensure a wider sound field.

There are a couple of LED indicators which illuminate and change its color. It will help you to know which feature is working well. When you change the volume, these lights blink in acknowledgment.

One can control the soundbar by using the substantial remote. It is about the half of the soundbar and feels a little on the stocky side.

However, the solo works well with the soundbar. It is also programmed with a universal remote for Blu-ray player, TV, and another infrared device.

With the reasonable price, Bose delivers optical, auxiliary and coaxial inputs. Moreover, it is made in Bluetooth for streaming music.

There are some tricks in this offer like auto-wake feature. The soundbar gets a life when it gets an audio signal. The power goes off after 60 minutes automatically of inactivity.

Bose keeps everything straightforward. You will get lots of sounds. You can choose setting and EQ from the menu. It is made to be played and plugged.

There is an optical cable with the device. You can add it just to your device. A coaxial cable is added to it. The solo is a good way to go ahead.

The only thing you have to notice is that your TV speaker is turned off.  You may get that alternative somewhere in TV’s sound setting.

Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System: Design and remote

All black designs are minimalist save of the Bose logo. There is a subtle indicator of the system. The status indicator lit up with various colors. It will help you know the Solo 5’s current mode like glowing amber if dialogue mode is turned on.

There are no control buttons with the soundbar itself. Luckily, Bose adds a universal remote control. The remote control is a usual option for any sound bars.

But Bose universal remote control is an exceptional one. It is programmed with devices applying the database of the manufacturer IR codes.

Boss solo comes with a remote control system. Moreover, it has additional buttons to manage the device. Its menu buttons, channel control, and satellite box adjust from a Blu-ray.

There are 6 labeled shortcut switches to the top and everyone has the individual device. You have to hold the pertinent preset down. Then adjust the manufacture code to program the remote control.

The remote works over infrared. Therefore it is not able to console a PlayStation 5 if you like Blu-ray player. Though I have Samsung television, I face no problem.

There are 6 labeled shortcut buttons on the top.Everyone may be programmed to maintain an individual device.

The Solo 5 has an auto wake function if it identifies a sound source. You shouldn’t turn it manually along with your television. The auto power of Solo 5 stops after 60 minutes which may seem longer, however.


Unluckily The dimension of the Bose solo 5 works against it when you start listening songs. A small TV is nice for the Solo sound system than the bigger one. It can make wonderful sound with a small tv set.

We have set it up with 32 in Samsung set and adjust it with the Gravity on Blu-ray. The Solo lays the card on the table instantly. I dial up the volume and add clarity and weight compared with the TV’s original sound.


The voice of the set is better and completely clear. The total presentation has more solidity, escaping the hard and thin sound of the slim TVs produce.

If you notice very deeply, you will see something more. It has better weight on offer than most TVs can muster. But Bass lacks the complete terms.

This refers that the solo comes to give a sense of impact or punch to action scenes and big exploration, the Solo 5 falls short.

It has a bass boost alternative that aids the low end sound somewhat considerable. Though it loses some midrange clearness. Just turn on the bass boost and we get what we expect. Though it has extra weight, it lacks real presence.

Debbie L. Rush

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