A Very Good Sound Quality Speaker! Logitech Z313 Speaker System Review

Your computer’s not only a PC. It’s also filmed your audio and gambling heart. Nevertheless, when you would like the tone that’s entire, integral PC speakers don’t cut it.

That is where the Logitech Speakers Z313 comes. The satellite speakers with a small subwoofer ensure amusement and audio alive.

Logitech Z313 Speaker System Review

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You’ve lots of capacity to load your space with clear, wealthy sound. And a handle pod that’s handy to show the amount up when you move.

From mid-tones and sharp high records to deep bass, you may never notice a nuance. Just connect it in, kick back and revel in a great, sound that’s balanced.

Occasionally you prefer audio to perform within the history. And you are within the feeling to turn-it-up.

In either case, the control pod places complete volume control when you need it. You may also change off and on the ability in the button’s contact.

So, when you wish to hear in solitude, connect your headphones to the integral port. And also you are all set.

Logitech Z313 Speaker System Review

Features of Logitech Z313 Speaker System

  • The control pod allows you to manage headset and quantity settings.
  • You can load your space with great, good audio (25watts).
  • The small subwoofer provides more deep bass to have the matches into restricted areas.
  • Towards the subscription, link the speakers using its simple setup. Connect the subwoofer. That’s it.
  • Getting the quantity like a real dongle rocks is my personal favorite function. In my experience. And never have to make use of the PC to make use of it. Managing the amount is a point that is great.
  • They look good, and the subscription is not large enough. That appears great along with the table.
  • Power on/off very helpful as well.
  • The sound is ok.
  • They’re not the highest quality-of-audio speakers. Don’t pay attention to these attempting to understand all of the delicate looks to punk. It is not for that.
  • Dust collects like magnets

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The Z313 includes a comfortable noise trademark using the mid-range, notable wavelengths.

Within this budget range, Z313 marks vivid levels.  Unlike Altec Lansing and innovative speakers.

The whole audio from bass to highs seemed muffled visibility. The mids sounded a little muted and confused.

However, it may be the fragile levels of insufficient description and expansion. That created the entire noise a little relaxed.

Our 40Hz sound check test produced effortlessly. At reasonable quantity, the bass seems comfortable and very punchy, although not articulate.

There are lots of locations for enhancement. But the Logitech Z313 is healthy, laid-back middle and focused audio.

Its nearest rival will be the Creative Encourage T3130. That has better and more available sounds. The Logitech has good sound compared to Creative Inspire 3130.


The total system output is rated 25watts. That is very balanced between “not enough power, ” and the “power is also high.” Only don’t assume the sound is shattering from your program.

Rather it gives a great sound which doesn’t lose details actually in most quantity. It’s adequate for a tiny room or office. With bedroom- deeper bottom and completing sounder.

Design of Logitech Z313 Speaker System

The device comes with a practical pod and has an elegant layout. Small in size, because the title implies. The pod offers the handle of the amount when you need it to you. Only touch the option.Design of Logitech Z313 Speaker System

And you’ll turn down and generate the quantity by your need. You’re able to plug in the port offered within the pod in your headphones.

If you’re in the mood of some privacy and you’re ready to go. The opera ring around the audio grille in conjunction with the plastic matte body. With round, ends make the system’s search impressive.

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Performance of Logitech Z313 Speaker System

The small subwoofers offer high-quality bass and have a sound trademark that’s warm. Distortion degree is small as high-quality audio can quickly be harnessed.

Up to 90% of its maximum volume control. A good range is offered by the sounds within the frequency selection of 48-20000Hz.

The frequency is comparable to different speaker programs within the same budget range.


The structure can be built speedily and relatively easy. The speakers to be connected to subwoofers and subwoofers for the computer.

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The system starts providing incredible quality music. The wires a bit sloppy and so frequent displacements of the system aren’t encouraged.

Just set-up it at any location. Get prepared to rock your bedroom with this fantastic item from Logitech.

Component overview of Logitech Z313 Speaker System


That’s a two-inch full-range driver. That appears to become made having a significant for that size rubber, of metal.

Something the Logitech got that you need to ensure it is no more than possible. Should be likely to perform a full-range driver. With no tweeter, we must have cone separation.

However, the smaller the driver, the larger the split up is likely to be. Pressing into wavelengths where individual reading is so insensitive.


Grills are a few of the greatest substance I have noticed. It is an available material that shields the audio driver with no problems that are plain.


In the beginning look, the porting of the satellites appears not precocious. It is virtually a one-sided sparkle.

Logitech Z313 Speaker System Review

That’s some buffer between the back of the audio and also the end-of-the interface. Possibly to keep children from attempting to deposit drugs inside them.

Perhaps the locations function an objective. Pressing to 250Hz to get a 2-inch driver can reasonably challenging to do. And so I’ll keep judgment.


You know taking a look at Z313 are total very shit, and plastic, lightweight. That’s the factor. However, they’re not so resonant when utilized with my knuckle.


No conventional crossover. Alternatively, the audio is divided between the satellites and the subscription. By an active crossover within the dish amp.


The small driver, a container that is small, small port. That’s the formula to get a trap that is boomy.

That’s an unpleasant driver. Noticeable tinsel leads about the cone’s entrance was in a 1990 Ford Escort.

The rear of the driver includes a stamped metal container. That prevents off all ventilation in the index along with a tiny magnet. I am unsure how reduced my objectives could get, but they fell quite a bit.

Subscription port

Little perhaps 1-inch interface is updated sincerely for that container. Simply eyeballing it, I’d reckon that it is possibly a 40- tuning. I am anticipating sound that is an interface to become a problem.

Program amp

Logitech Z313 Speaker System Program amp

The presentation for the Z313 speakers claims 50watts and 25watts RMS maximum energy. I am betting that’s 12.5 for that subscription and total watts.

So, watts for every sitting. The DC power lifestyles within the subscription. Therefore, wall-wart or no power packet that will be not somewhat nasty.


The machine has a wired rural that is sweet small. Unlike PC programs that are inexpensive that one doesn’t have bass boost choices.

Or any silly tone handle. The volume button moves quantity is linear without any decreasing of bass.

No fixed or route discrepancy that is apparent about the amount button. That will be much better than standalone amplifiers that are inexpensive.

User review of Logitech Z313 Speaker System

Great budget speakers

I spend lots of time while working on the computer. Listen to music. So, I made the decision to update my speakers.

They seemed funny. One had a grill on the loudspeaker. I finally figured out that it’s packaged a Z323 speaker inside.

I am not unhappy using the buy. It’s a beautiful sound that is clean with a lot of bases. Don’t get me wrong.

They aren’t hi-fi likely just four stars these days. Compared with the complete variety of loudspeakers available.

However, they give worth five stars in its price bracket. And an excellent sound for the money.

Both systems have management pods which are what attracted me to them. I love the ease of obtaining the volume change at hand. The main reason I favor this system is the speakers are balanced. The weight on the underside. I believe the wiring knocked loose as did the power control. Which always turned itself, as well as the loudspeakers malfunctioned.

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What Does The Media Say on Logitech Z313 Speaker System Review?

The system operates with Mac and Windows computers to jam out. No matter the kind of system you employ.

The 25watt speaker system features a handy management pod. That lets you control volume and the power with no difficulty.

What Does The Media Say on Logitech Z313 Speaker System

Means, you may get without running out of space, the sound you would like. Moreover, it’s not difficult to create.

The speakers and the subwoofer connect. The computer is plugged-in to by the subwoofer. It’s possible to tune into music once everything’s plugged in.

Product Info – Logitech Z313 Speaker System Review

Brand Name                             Logitech

Item model number               980-000382

Item Weight                             7.1 pounds

ASIN                                         B002HWRZ2K


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It seems great sitting next to all desk clutter and my other peripherals.

The sound quality is not bad for the purchase price. But it’ll leave somewhat to be desired.

Another volume amounts all supply encompassing sound having a consumer sound profile. That is satisfying and nicely separated audio.

Dividing the input signal for speaker and the control pod would’ve been a design choice. That is better, despite the fact that it might add more cables.

There could be a situation wherever a user mightn’t be able to place the pod. Wherever they wish to set it.

It’s either too much from the sub or too far from the source. Even with all large quantity of span between subwoofer, pod, and 3.5mm man input signal.

Overall the Z313 speaker turns out to be a big-budget 2.1 speaker system choice. The general sound quality is pretty good. The build quality is solid. Also, it is got lots of characteristics.

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