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People have different interests in the different thematic area. Collecting speaker is my hobby. I have a huge collection of good speakers. Speaker technology hasn’t altered in our life. A layout that created great sound for 40 years still produces same great sound today. Quality craftsmanship, quality materials, and a skilled ear have been the elements of a great loudspeaker layout.

Episode speakers bring together high-performance speaker technology with real world encounter. Come in and go through the difference that is defining with episode speakers.

Speaker technology hasn’t changed over time. What’s changed a lot is exactly how we use the technology.

Installing speakers in the ceiling or a wall create unique performance challenges. Do seven digital sound sources -channel home theater and whole-house music.

Featuring the Episode speakers that are architectural. Episode’s architectural speakers, in-wall in-ceiling or, were constructed with you in thoughts. It guarantees to give immersive sound encounters you will remember forever.

Episode 700 Series In-Ceiling Speaker with 8 in. Woofer

Episode 700 Series In-Ceiling Speaker with 8 in. Woofer

Enjoy rich, complete sound from pictures or music with this streamlined pair of Bose speakers. That is glossy.

These speakers use Stereo Everywhere technology and Joint Array driver placement. It provides sound that is balanced throughout your listening area. That’s unlike traditional speakers, which radiate sound in one way.

Make sure you take advantage of the correct gauge of wire or loudspeaker cable. That’s for the span needed to run the space between your amplifier and your speakers. Custom mounting brackets that are provided offer a variety of positioning alternatives.

Features of Episode 700 Series Speaker with 8 in. Woofer

  • Versatile speakers in white for pictures and music. Perfect to be used on a bookshelf or wall-mount programs.
  • Performance matching house stereo speakers that are much bigger.
  • Stereo Everywhere speaker performance creates balanced stereo sound in a large region.
  • Magnetically shielded speakers allow your TV.
  • Custom mounting brackets included for added positioning alternatives.

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The episode is ready to play

The organization stresses that to be able to get access to speakers. Integrators have to be a part of its dealer reward program. The inclusion of the Episode Touch merchandises augments soundbars.

Episode’s present collection of landscape speakers, cabinet speakers, pendant speakers. And it’s standard on the wall and ceiling speakers merchandises.

The episode is ready to play

It designed primarily for his or her needs will be appreciated by dealers.

“We find lots of chance to get a dealer’, says Mike Jordon, VP of Episode Speakers.  ‘As well as an increase in the space -focused brand,’ he stresses.

We solve for them daily and doubling down on speakers and sound. We’ll never give build sound quality, quality or our complete performance. We are going to win by focusing needs basic and clear’, he states.”


The ES-HT Home Theater LCR, or is what intrigued me to contemplate forever installing them. Tone controls are given for treble as well as for woofer crossover result. Both are having a plus/minus 3db alteration.

The woofers are made in what Episode refers to as NCS (Natural Cell Construction), paper drivers. Along with the strength of Kevlar.

A sensitivity of 87 and make 4-ohm loads. The more electricity you can throw at them the better. Episode refers to a traditional dome layout to the tweeter as a catenary dome.

In use

Take it from a man that has had some speakers that are notable for your theater. At all price ranges listening room over time. To maintain the Episode front ESHT700LCR manage them fairly confidently.

What you heard in the HT650 carton loudspeaker was clear an excellent balance here. And an even tonality.

In an essential sense, you need to get on the audio from the ceiling. Especially, source music that is video.

Episode Speaker In use

The sloped front motorist layout provides a persuasive sound encounter with multi-route ahead of 2-station.

For instance, 2L Nordic Sound on Blu-ray disc supplies what you expect. It’ll be the inspiration for some other studios to create in this format that’s amazing.

Play with only loud, not seeing the directional path the audio takes to your ears. We won’t say the soundstage endures. But the leading LCR’s handles the in-depth and clean picture nicely.

Stand up bass has some pleasant aspect never approaching fat or bloat. Instead, viewing the video from about 12 feet back is not more of an issue.

In fact, disclosure, as the audio is convincingly on the screen. Not the ceiling, coming in the front of you.

The Cops Certifiable Bluray concert resides in Buenos Aires is a must have. If you like live shows on disc. The Episodes do an excellent job of feeling the feeling of the outside site.

Few pictures show a surround sound system. As opposed to ill-famed “Echo” scene off in the House of Flying Daggers.

The drums resonate having expansion and a good constant finish. The area is whirled round by the audio cleanly.

Product Info – Episode Speaker Reviews

Product Dimensions        5 x 10.9 x 4.2 inches

Item Weight                       8.5 pounds

Manufacturer                    BOSE

ASIN                                   B00006I53B

Final Verdict

We declare a purist mightn’t contemplate a program similar to this. Honestly, we’d have loved comparing the flooring Episode speakers to the in the ceiling.

It is a serious and worthy set up, one we’re quite pleased to showcase. We’re not sad in forever installing the Episodes.

Our assurance has paid off. For us, this is the best bringing your listening and viewing rooms together.

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