Arion Legacy Deep Sonar 550 Extreme Speakers Review

Expertise high definition audio present in about any form of music. Via an extensive variety of sounds. A total of eight acoustic drivers has put inside huge density all wood cupboards. It provides vibrant, natural tones and carefully tuned.

Beefy amplifier carton enables many inputs and outputs for the apparatus. That incorporates USB charging interface for a smartphone as well as tablet PC. Please view the user hand note carefully before applying the product.

The corrupt wired system can cause damages to the loudspeakers. For services see

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Features of Arion Legacy Deep Sonar 550 Extreme Speakers

  • Individual control box for very intuitive control is scheming. Power controls; double-input signal substitution; bass, treble and volume controls. USB charging interface for smartphones, MP3 players. Bluetooth devices; mic, headphone and added input jack. All now with easier and more straightforward reach for intuitive. Complete access to all controls
  • High fidelity sound via a total of 8 acoustic drivers. Two dedicated tweeters, four woofers, and two subwoofer system. All are copying a broad variety of dynamics present in every kind of music with ease. Custom-formed all-wood cupboards on satellite loudspeakers and subwoofers for increased soundstage
  • Total native sound pass-thru for music enjoyment that is complete without batteries. Batteries demanded active noise cancellation and enhanced audio output signal
  • It incorporates extra-long as well as detachable cables between each module. 10ft among left and right satellite. 6.5ft between subwoofer plus control box. 8.5ft among control box and power adapter. 6.5ft between PC and control box.


  • The Arion Legacy Deep Sonar 550 is completely compatible with any device. It carries a 3.55mm jack, well-suited with most computers and notebooks. Completely integrates a driver setup-free scheme for a true plug and play experience
  • The Arion Legacy Deep Sonar 550 has another control box console. That links interfaces and all healthy controls in one. Such as the power controls, a double-input signal changing
  • The control box also houses the bass, volume and treble controls. USB charging interfaces for the mic for smartphones. MP3 players and Bluetooth devices and interfaces added and headphone input signal line-in.


  • The blue on the loudspeakers isn’t quite clear

Perfect for everyday home audio

Bring high definition sound to TV, notebook, or your PC. In case you make use of the auxiliary plug it works with smartphones and Tablet. Stock TV speakers may have a sound quality. That’s the reason why a lot of our members trusts the Deep Sonar speaker systems. That upgrades their home entertainment. Together with the control box, there are three different ways. You can link it to your TV.

Dual, 4-inch subwoofers bring depth and realism

The Deep Sonar 550 holds large, double 4-inch subwoofers that produce strong bass. That will shake your room and annoy a few of your neighbors.

You may have been responsible for the music for celebrations or love small volumes. The Deep Sonar 550 has almost no distortion to enjoy clear, healthy, quality audio.

Arion Legacy Deep Sonar 550 Extreme Speakers Review

For the ones that do video calls online or our gamers out there. The control box has a mic interface that functions as an extension of your computer.

Without this, you’ll need to join your mic right to your own PC’s tower. That means crawling and reaching about your PC which cannot be quite convenient.

The Deep Sonar 550 is not incompatible together with XBOX games consoles. Or your Play Station for XBOX users. An HDMI sound adapter will undoubtedly be necessary to join the speaker system.

The game as if you mean it if you are going to game. This speaker system also makes your sound effects seem more real and vigorous. It will set you in the center of the activity.

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Simple access control carton

The Deep Sonar 550 includes an original control center that sits in your background. That offers you more easy access to your audio settings. Old loudspeakers have the power button and the configuration on the rear of the woofer. That made altering anything a hassle. The control box allows you to control everything from mic headset. The speaker system is powered and includes an enclosed power cable.

User Review on Arion Legacy Deep Sonar 550 Extreme Speakers

Arion Legacy Deep Sonar 550 Extreme Speakers Review


For the cost, this can be a decent 2.1 system. Delivers audio that is satisfactory you’ll expect for the price. You’d expect the satellites are unusually light. The sound is not reduced. The building feels somewhat cheap.

But this is likely to keep down the cost. They certainly don’t stand up with real clarity. Even the bottom end hi-fi systems. From the box, it comes just a little bass loaded. But it’s not bad to fix that eq alterations are manufactured on the amplifier.

If you are buying a decent pair of multi purpose computer speakers, I will urge these. For the cost, they’ve been just that which you’ll expect. And certainly nothing more.

Not clear in any respect. Horrible.

I purchased this loudspeaker. So I didn’t have to listen to music from my iMac’s awful back-facing built-in speakers. These speakers were a tremendous disappointment! Every tune sounds ‘tinny.’ Almost as when they were being played off an iPod loudspeaker that is outboard. I’m speaking low quality. They’re not worth it. Purchase another thing.

The result is a rich and profound sound. It triumphs in reproducing a variety of dynamics present in almost every kind of music.

Product Info of Arion Legacy Deep Sonar 550 Extreme Speakers

Brand Name            Deep Sonar

Series                        ARDS550-BK

Item Weight            14 pounds

ASIN                         B00U7HQWRQ

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The brand name isn’t of the same quality as Bose or perhaps even Klipsch. Even the Arion Legacy Deep Sonar 550 is a fantastic 2.1 speaker system. Within your budget. The independent control box makes it worth. That’s not including the rich sounds with dangerous lows you’ll be getting with this powerhouse.

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